System Architecture Forum




The forum is initially aiming for participation from 8-12 organizations (or subdivisions thereof) that consider themselves non-competing to the extent that it will not impede an open and constructive exchange of experiences and ideas.

The participating organizations shall have identified the value of systems architecting and have a clear intent to improve their practices in this area.

The participating individuals shall be actively practicing, experienced architects at a system/product level or business/enterprise level.

In addition to corporate representatives, the participating research institutions, The Embedded Systems Institute (ESI) and Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), will participate with research fellows for facilitation and knowledge capture.


Participation is on an invite-only basis. When you are seriously interested in becoming a member of the Architecting Forum, you can contact us (see contact page) and indicate your interest to participate. Put in the subject of your mail the text "request for participation to the system architecting forum".

When expressing your interest make sure that:

  • You include a short resume (curriculum vitae) (1 page max) that shows your background in systems architecting;

  • You include background information (1 page max) about the company you work for (to validate that the participating companies are non-competitive);

  • You include a short description (1 page max) of the architecture that is currently your major challenge. Also state the top 3 major challenges;

  • You are willing to participate on a regular basis and in an active way to the half-year meetings and email discussions on the white papers;

  • Your company is willing to support you in your activities for the Architecting Forum. This may also include hosting a meeting every couple of years.

The current members will evaluate requests.