System Architecture Forum



System Architecture Forum:

Discuss practices, research, and lessons learned with regard to the practical development, implementation and management of system architectures

Jointly Hosted By:

 Embedded Systems Innovation - by TNO, University of South-Eastern Norway and Stevens Institute of Technology


The forum will have an emphasis on practical systems architecting and the application of architectural information and knowledge. The objective is to provide a venue for the exchange of practical experience in the realm of development, implementation and management of system and enterprise architectures. This shall in turn be a platform for the exchange of ideas for improved practices in the above areas as well as the goal-oriented use of architectural knowledge and information in various life cycle phases and enterprise functions.


The forum will meet at regular intervals for a workshop equivalent to approximately one working day. A pre-defined topic will be discussed from two perspectives. The first perspective will be the “rear-view mirror” with exchange of experience around current and past practices, best and worst practices. The second perspective will look ahead with exchange of ideas to improve current practices. Research fellows from The Embedded Systems Institute (in Europe) and Stevens Institute of Technology (in the United States) will facilitate each workshop, capture the exchange and develop a white-paper summarizing the outcome of each workshop.


The forum will meet twice a year, alternately in Europe and in the USA. Each meeting will be hosted by one of the participating companies. ESI (for Europe) and SIT (for the USA) will lead the practical organization and meeting facilitation.


The forum is initially aiming for participation from 8-12 organizations (or subdivisions thereof) that consider themselves non-competing to the extent that it will not impede an open and constructive exchange of experiences and ideas.
The participating organizations shall have identified the value of systems architecting and have a clear intent to improve their practices in this area. The participating individuals shall be actively practicing, experienced architects at a system/product level or business/enterprise level.

In addition to corporate representatives, the participating research institutions, The Embedded Systems Institute (ESI) and Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), will participate with research fellows for facilitation and knowledge capture.


Participation is on an invite-only basis. When you are seriously interested in becoming a member of the Architecting Forum, you can contact us (see contact page). Please check this page first before expressing your interest.


The Architecting Forum meets twice a year. In spring the meeting is in the USA, in Autumn the meeting is in Europe.
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